If you're a veteran looking for the best city to call home, you might want to consider Upstate New York.

According to a study conducted by LawnStarter, one of the best cities in America for veterans is none other than Syracuse.

Syracuse: A Top City for Veterans

The study compared the 200 biggest cities in America and ranked them based on various factors that help provide comfort and success to veterans. Syracuse, with an overall score of 35.36, was ranked fifth on the list of best cities for veterans in the entire United States!

What Makes Syracuse Stand Out

What makes Syracuse such an attractive option for veterans? Perhaps the biggest is that the city has the third-highest number of VA health facilities per 10,000 veterans, providing easy access to medical care and treatment when needed.

Syracuse's Commitment to Veterans

Additionally, Syracuse has high access to VA urgent and emergency care facilities, PTSD programs, substance-use disorder programs, and suicide prevention coordinators. These factors combine to make the transition from military to civilian life a smoother one for veterans who call Syracuse home.

Syracuse's placement on the list comes as no surprise to those who already know the city's commitment to supporting veterans. There are countless organizations and initiatives in Syracuse dedicated to assisting veterans with everything from health care and housing to employment and education.

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Other New York Cities in the Rankings

Syracuse wasn't the only city in Upstate New York to make the list of best cities for veterans. Rochester ranked 26th on the list, while Buffalo came in at 23rd. Other places in New York to land on the list were New York City at number 82, and Yonkers at 126th place.

Ten 'Don't Miss' Places to Visit When in Syracuse

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