When I was two years old, I started to call my grandma "Bob" and here we are, 40 years later and my sweet and dainty grandmother still goes by the name Bob.

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I guess I have to explain how this all came about. You see, I was out berry picking with my mom and grandma when I fell into a berry bush and I guess I was used to hearing my mom yell "Bobby" for my dad because that was his name and so I just started to yell out "Bobby" and my grandma was the first to show up and rescue me. From that day forward, her name was shortened and cemented as being Bob.

33 years after I gave my grandmother the unique name of Bob, my son gave his grandmother a unique name of her own. My mother-in-law wants to be called Grammy, but her firstborn grandson decided that she will instead be called "Boo."

Having grandmothers named Bob and Boo make gift-giving easy. I've always been able to find a pen or a magnet with my grandmother's "name" on it and well, I never asked my mother-in-law if she likes the colors black and orange, but the Halloween clearance section always has a ton of great things with her name, Boo, emblazoned on them.

My mom jokes that my son and I have created an interesting naming trend and that I should prepare myself for my firstborn grandchild to bestow a unique name on me. I'm fine with it, actually. I believe that a person can want to be called pretty much anything but in reality, it is the firstborn.

Out of sheer curiosity, I asked Southern Tier residents if they have a special and completely out of the normal name for their grandmother and I'm happy to say that my son and I are not alone in our interesting choices of grandma names!

Southern Tier Residents Reveal the Unique Names They Call Their Grandma

Out of sheer curiosity, we asked Southern Tier residents if they have a special and completely out-of-the-norm name for their grandma and the answers were great!

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