You guys that are on my friends list... you HAVE to check the profiles of "hot girls" that send you friend requests.

Increasingly, every dang day... I've been getting more and more of these type of Friend requests:

Birdsall / Facebook
Birdsall / Facebook

GUYS!!! If there's a link to her Webcam of sexy fun... its a porn solicitation. Be smart. There's even scams out there where they ask you to show yourself to them and they record it and then try to send the video of you to all of your friends on Facebook!! Why give these people access to your friends!?!

Now here's the issue I have... when you add them, they send friend requests to look at their Webcam to all of your friends. I get 15-20 porn requests a day... be smarter guys!!! I'm gonna have to start looking at mutual friends and unfriending... stinks, but I couldn't care less about a porn site on my Facebook.

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