Years ago, a friend told me the story of a man who swore to the Binghamton news media that he'd been abducted by a UFO. I laughed at the absurdity of it but my friend didn't chuckle along with me. He stared at me blankly and then told me he totally believed the story.

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My friend explained to me that growing up, he had an outside summer job and would often see really strange things in the field across from his job during the nighttime hours. Unexplained shadows, signs, blinking lights, and more were not strange for him to see.

As it turns out, my friend and the man who told the Binghamton news media about the UFOs might not have imagined seeing something strange to most after all.

From aliens to ghosts, people seem to be talking about the supernatural a lot these days. As a matter of fact, there have been more and more reports in recent weeks highlighting the fact that there is a growing potential for non-earth life discovery.
If you're looking to put yourself in a situation where you might see something considered to be supernatural, California and Texas would be the best places to visit per research by Great Lakes Stakes which revealed that those two states are America's leading supernatural states.

New York might not have as many sightings as California or Texas, but we landed in the top five most supernatural states at number five with a reported 5,403 reported sightings of UFOs, 2,130 reported sightings of ghosts, and 7,533 supernatural sightings.
The state with the fewest supernatural sightings is Delaware where a total of only 992 sightings were reported.

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