Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley Hubbard are opening up about intimacy in their marriage and why they prioritize it over most other things.

During an episode of Hayley's podcast, Meaning Full Livingthe couple discussed the importance of intimacy in both their relationship as husband and wife and as parents to three small children, 3-year-old Olivia, 1-year-old Luca and six-month-old Atlas.

"Intimacy is part of a strong marriage, and a strong marriage leads to strong parenting. It’s important," the Florida Georgia Line star describes, per Today"It’s part of connecting."

Hayley notes that being parents of young children means that they, as a couple, have to be intentional about making time for sex in their busy schedules, knowing that it's a "huge part" of a relationship.

"Sometimes when it has been a while, we're like, 'Okay, we have to make time for this,' because it is so crucial," she explains. "I think that’s something to talk about with parents because it’s hard. You're emotionally exhausted in those early phases of parenting. You're physically exhausted and all of those things, and sex is kind of the last thing you want to make time for. But it is important."

Tyler says that there are times when intimacy means simply being with one another, even just holding hands while watching a movie. "We've been pretty intentional about it," he says.

Prior to welcoming youngest son in September of 2020, the couple revealed to People that their family is likely complete with three children.

"The whole experience of having a child is like none other. It's a rush of emotion and love that can hardly be explained. We're looking forward to experiencing that again and then just knowing we're going to be finished," Hubbard said at the time. "This is our family, and let's grow together."

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