A Binghamton work zone by day turns into a warm and strange "Twilight Zone" at night, open only to brave pedestrians who dare to venture into the sealed area beneath Interstate 81.

At least $3.5 million is being spent to shore up the sinking bridge over Chenango Street on the city's North Side.

The massive construction job has closed the street to through traffic but people are still welcome to walk through site to get between neighborhoods.

Machinery continues to operate overnight, creating a somewhat eerie and surreal experience.

A scrawled message warns the curious to "Slow Down" and an arrow points to an opening with the directions: "Enter Here."

Signs advise bicyclists that they "must dismount and walk" through the well-illuminated tunnel filled with equipment and scaffolding. Most people with bikes disregard the directive.

A massive heater keeps the passageway toasty warm even on subfreezing nights as cars, trucks and other vehicles pass overhead on I-81.

A Department of Transportation representative says the construction project now is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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