I am not sure why I am like this, but I always wait until the very last minute to turn my heat on in the winter. The weather this year has been playing mind games with me.


I actually think we are pretty lucky, we have had some sunny and delightful days this October. We may have been a little spoiled.


But every year, no matter how cold it may become, I find myself waiting until the very last minute to turn on my heat in my apartment. I am not sure why I wait so long. I think it is in part that I am in denial that summer is over, and instead of shoveling sand I will now be shoveling snow soon.


I wondered to myself when the perfect time to turn the heat on would be, besides the exact time I wake up freezing in the middle of the night.


I cruised through a few webpages to see if there is some kind of science as to when you should turn your heat on, I didn’t find anything along the lines I was looking for.


I did however find a few places that say DON’T crank your heat up right away. By gradually increasing the heat on the thermostat and in your home, you can actually save some money!


If I save a few bucks, its worth shivering just a little bit.

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