Country music ambassador and Trisha’s Southern Kitchen host Trisha Yearwood set the tone for a nostalgic return to early-career form on Thursday (June 6) with a brand-new single, "Every Girl in This Town." Readers can press play above to hear the track.

Sonically, "Every Girl in This Town" is a bit reminiscent of Yearwood's '90s sound. The lyrics -- written by Erik Dylan, Caitlyn Smith and Connie Harrington -- tap into feelings every woman has had before: wanderlust, brokenheartedness, joy, ambition.

"We dance and we laugh 'til we all fall down / We keep kissin' boys, tryin' to figure it out," Yearwood sings. "Stretchin' for stars on our tiptoe hearts / Tryin' to get our big dreams off the ground / Like every girl in this town."

The digital equivalent of the single's picture sleeve shows a young Yearwood back home in Georgia, setting the boundless goals represented in the song. “I was a little girl in a small town dreaming big, as evidenced by so many photos of me in dress-up, or like this photo … standing atop the picnic table in my stylish suede green shoes with the yellow smiley faces on them,” she tells People. "I wanted it all.”

"Every Girl in This Town" previews Yearwood's first exclusively country album in a decade. Her most recent offering, 2018's Let's Be Frank, was a Frank Sinatra tribute album.

“Making this album reminded me of making my first album in 1991 — a freeing feeling of just getting to be creative and not worrying about anything beyond just taking care of the music, finding the right songs and having fun in the studio. No pressure,” she tells People. “When I listen to the album, I hear the joy in my voice. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve done your best. Now, I float it out to the world. This is me!”

Earlier this year, Yearwood admitted to The Boot that she did have at least one concern about making a new album after so many years: "I wasn't sure if I'd ever find songs that really felt like me," she says, "because country music has changed a lot since I made a record."

Because she doesn't write songs herself all that often, Yearwood relies on Nashville's professional songwriters to supply her with material that still feels true to her, "so I have to really search and search."

"But," she continues, "we found great songs."

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