A teenage girl in Florida whose story went viral and resulted in a hospital visit from Tracy Lawrence has died of complications from the flu.

15-year-old Brandy Szanyi developed the flu in early March, and it became so severe that she had to be hospitalized in Tampa. Complications from the flu turned so extreme that the girl coded twice after the virus attacked her heart and lungs, and her family had to make the terrible decision to have her left leg amputated in an effort to save her life. Her family told ABC Action News that her love of Tracy Lawrence's music helped lift her mood during her difficult fight. Her nurses would turn on Lawrence's Pandora station for the teen each night, and her sister Cara finally turned to Facebook to reach out to Lawrence, asking him to come by and visit her sister when he was in the area.

The "Paint Me a Birmingham" singer did just that on March 17, not only visiting with Brandy but also giving her several gifts, including his signed cowboy hat that he had worn onstage.

“This amazing man made my sister's dream come true and for that I’m forever grateful,” Cara wrote on Twitter, adding on Facebook, "The experience was more than we could've asked for, he is such a humble soul ... And for everyone wanting to know Brandy's reaction, he was speaking to her and she got tears in her eyes."

ABC Actions News reports that Szanyi died from complications from the flu, confirming the news in a tweet from reporter Ryan Raiche.

No further details are available about the girl's death. Lawrence released a statement  on Friday afternoon (March 31), saying, "I woke this morning to the news that Brandy had passed. My heart is broken for her parents, sister and loved ones. Losing Brandy hits very close to home being I have a daughter her age. I hope the Szanyis find peace in this difficult time and know that their beautiful daughter is now watching over them."

Funeral plans have not been announced.

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