The dad and daughter duo that made the rounds online recently with dad Kris Jones’ cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” are back, and this time daughter Dayla joins in. The two posted a new cover, this time of Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” still in the car but with the added treat of Dayla singing harmony.

And, no surprise — girl can sing.

Kris takes the melody with his smooth vocals, and Dayla adds a warm harmony as the song flows along, showing off the soul and skill in both of their voices. Though Urban definitely sings this one with his own blend of style and finesse, these two could certainly give him a run for his money.

Check out the dreamy cover of the country smash hit above.

Kris and Dayla hit the trending topics back in early January, and since then they’ve become viral sensations. Known as “Tennessee Whiskey Dad,” Kris rose to fame shortly after his daughter posted a video of him singing the song while driving, and he’s since posted a few more, including "Stand By Me” and “Simple Man,” and even appeared on Ellen.

The committed family man from Texas had always wanted to pursue music but put his children and wife first. He’d previously tried out for The Voice, but didn’t make the cut. Regardless, it seems like Jones has a great life, traveling for work and spending time with his family — and posting the occasional performance on YouTube.

“Blue Ain’t Your Color” hit No. 1 in January — Urban's 22nd career chart-topper — and appears on his most recent album, Ripcord.

Who Is Kris Jones? Watch:

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