When my husband and I got married we agreed that we’d find a way to move just across the border into PA so that we could have the best of both worlds – a home in a country setting while keeping our jobs in bustling downtown Binghamton. Little did we know that it would take five years for the agreement we made to become a reality.

After five years of searching, it happened. From the moment that we walked through the doors of the place we now call home, we knew it was where we belonged. Our family went from living in a two-family house on the west side of Binghamton to ten acres of land on a dirt road where our only neighbors are deer and other woodland creatures. The transition from city to country living was easy, but wrapping our heads around having a home that uses fuel oil wasn’t.

Jay and I asked everyone we bumped into who we should use as our fuel oil provider and the answer kept coming back, Hinds Energy. We were told over and over that their business morals matched the type of morals our family strives to live by.

However, we wanted to do our homework. And so, we spent hours and hours pouring over websites and making phone calls to various companies, but guess what? We too kept finding ourselves right back at Hinds Energy. When we called the main number for Hinds Energy and peppered the lady on the phone with questions, she was cheerful and took the time to patiently answer every one of them.

We decided to give Hinds Energy a try and placed an order for fuel oil with them. The day that Sue came pulling up our driveway in her Hinds Energy truck, our loyalty with the company was cemented.

Sue rambled out of her truck with a huge smile on her face and a warm greeting. Then, she invited our four-year-old to help her carry the hose from her truck to our fuel pipe, a HUGE deal for a little kid. She explained to John about the whistling sound made by the hose when the tank is filling and that when the whistling stops, it means the tank is full. Sue even promised to bring her puppies with her on her next visit. Sue doesn’t know this (yet), but our child has adopted her. She now belongs to our family.

In a world where chaos reigns, it has been a pleasure to do business with a company that makes each customer feel like they and their life matters — a business that understands the importance of heartfelt relationships. Hinds Energy is a fourth-generation, family-run business that has been servicing the Twin Tiers for 75-years and you’ll agree that their longevity speaks volumes about the place they hold in the hearts of their customers.

Visit HindsEnergyOnline.com to find out how you can join the Hinds Energy family and save at least 10 cents off per gallon of fuel oil!