When we were kids and had an odd question and we’d run to our mom (because she knew everything) and she’d just roll her eyes, tell us we were being ridiculous and to go outside and play, and never really answer our question.

Well, we can’t blame not knowing the answer to anything and everything on the innocence of youth thanks to the internet, and more specifically, Google.

I freely admit that when my son was first born, I Googled some pretty random stuff such as “baby’s poop is yellow” and “what is my baby dreaming about?” And let me tell you, I’m most certainly not the only person who takes to Google for answers to random questions. As a matter of fact, the people at Estately used Google’s trending topic and auto-fill features to find out what “unique” questions residents of every state ask, and there are definitely some interesting ones. Here are some of my favorite:

Iowa: Do Penguins have knees? (They sure do)

South Dakota: Why is my poop green? (It's probably just something you ate, but if you're worried, call your doctor.)

Texas: Where is the internet? (Everywhere)

Wisconsin: Is Mr. T dead? (The man who played Mr. T is very much alive.)

So, what are the most Googled questions asked by New Yorkers? Well, here are a few of them:

Who killed Biggie? / Is Mercury in retrograde? / Is wine gluten free? / Is Hillary Clinton left handed? / Is Bernie Sanders a communist?

And what about Pennsylvania?

How to write a check? / Why can’t I poop? / Do cats fart?

Check out the complete list for all of the states right here.

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