This years survey found 70% of us plan to buy a Mother's Day gift this year.  We'll toss down $58 on average.  But 1 in 5 people think it's hard to find a great gift.  So this might help take the guesswork out of it.

A bunch of moms voted on what the best Mother's Day gifts would be.  Great news is you don't have to get too creative.  You could probably guess most of these.  Here are the top five .

1.  Flowers. 
Which is... boring and cliché.  But 48% of moms said that if they only get one gift this year, that's what they want.

2.  Dinner at a nice restaurant. 
43% said it's a great gift.  And obviously they want you to go with them.  Don't just drop her off in the Red Lobster parking lot.

3.  A gift card. 
41% of moms said it's a good Mother's Day gift.  But don't just hand it to her.  Put it in a card.  And obviously pick a gift card for a place she likes.

4.  Jewelry. 
28% of moms said they'd like to get jewelry for Mother's Day.  And it's a good gift for multiple people to chip in on.

5.  Beauty products.
27% of moms said it's a great gift.  Just make sure it's something she'll use.  If you're not sure, then think about something like a Birchbox subscription, where she gets different stuff every month.



(Via: PR Newswire)

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