Eric Paslay is a guy you can't help but be drawn to and the reason is because he's so down to earth and approachable. I've had some really great chats with Eric and although he's had massive success with both songwriting and performing, Eric is grounded and humble and I think that speaks volumes about his character as a man.

Eric is no stranger to Binghamton and because he's so loved by our listeners, we're bringing him back for our second Toyota Country Lights Festival on July 22nd at NYSEG stadium. These are five of our favorite Eric Paslay songs.

  • 1

    Song About A Girl

    This song definitely kicks back at bro-country as the opening line of the song goes like this, “This ain’t about tailgates/Ain’t about bonfires/Ain’t about souped-up cars, water towers/Or drowning in a bottle of Jack.”

  • 2

    She Don't Love You

    This incredibly raw song is simply gut-wrenching as it tells the story of a woman so beaten down and broke by past relationships that she's unable to completely open and give her heart to another.

  • 3

    High Class

    There are times in life when we need to just take a break from reality- we need to go out on the town and live a little to get away from it all. This is exactly what High Class explores.

  • 4

    The Driver feat. Charles Kelley and Dierks Bentley

    While Eric might not sing lead vocals on this song, he did help his buddy Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum write is and sing backing vocals with Dierks Bentley. The Driver is about the people who aren't in the spotlight, but deserve just as much recognition for all they do.

  • 5

    Friday Night

    Eric wrote this song for Lady Antebellum, who recorded it, but never released it as a single. Eric decided to record and release it and see what would happen and the result was that it ended up being the song that made country fans aware of his talent.

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