Today, May 11th is "National Eat What You Want Day." Here's a celebration that most of us started over a month ago. I can't be the only one that finds themselves looking into the refrigerator even though I'm positive that I'm not hungry.

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I'll be walking from the family room to the dining room and I'll stop while passing through the kitchen and open up a cupboard...the cupboard that I passed and opened less than an hour ago...okay, half hour....alright alright, fifteen minutes earlier.

There are many reasons that we eat. Stress, boredom, stress. Yes, I know that I wrote it twice. It's hard resisting our favorite foods...and the list of favorites as grown as the days of being isolated grows. I actually contemplated eating some coconut cookies. Just writing the words "coconut cookies" gives me the blech face but put it in the cookie jar and I just might dunk it in my milk.

Okay, back to celebrating National Eat What You Want Day. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all the normal rules for today have been in place since early March. It's a day to treat your sweet tooth (check), have breakfast for dinner (check), and eating what you want as if there are no consequences (my waistline will tell you that I've been doing that before the pandemic started.)

There are some good reasons to celebrate today. It's a great chance to try something that we've never tried before or it just gives us a good reason to take our minds off of the real world of  COVID-19.

Here's an idea for you to try if you have kids. Ask them what crazy food that they would like to make or try today. Captain Crunch with orange soda instead of milk or M&M, chocolate chip sticky buns. I've got to stop because now I want to eat again.

So what do you want to eat or make today?

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