New York State prices on gas are number 12 on the most expensive prices of the US states but have stayed relatively the same over the past year, here are some 5 ways to save on fuel.

According to Gas Buddy the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in New York State is 2.497, which is close to what it was last year at this time.

There are simple tricks to cutting down on your fuel consumption and most will help preserve the life of your automobile and less frequent trips to your mechanic.

Here are five ways to cut down on fuel.

  1.  Driving around with a car full of stuff can add excess weight that will decrease your gas mileage so maybe it’s time to remove those winter sandbags in the trunk.
  2. Tailgating, this is not the way to save on gas in spite of the drafting affect causing less resistance, you end up hitting the breaks a lot more thus reducing your gas mileage, not to mention a possible brake job in the near future.
  3. Flooring your car the minute the light turns green is obviously not good for your gas mileage, it’s better to speed up gradually for your engine too, plus you’ll end up catching the next light and the people you left behind will be right behind you.
  4. Driving aggressively just puts more wear and tear on your engine, breaks and drive train, plus it can lower your fuel efficiency over 30 percent.
  5. Speeding is the quickest way to reduce your fuel consumption not to mention get a speeding ticket or have a serious accident, so keep as close to the speed limit a you can especially on the highway.

Those are a few ways you can save some money on your trips to the gas pump.


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