The roots of St. Patrick's Day Parades aren't actually in Ireland, they are right here in the U.S. Three Upstate New York Cities have ranked among "2019’s Best Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations."

These rankings are based upon celebrations on March 17th of that year and 200 cities were ranked overall.

Buffalo ranked the highest on Wallethub's list, coming in at No. 14. It scored 9th overall in the "Saint Patrick's Day Traditions" ranking, and 184th overall in "St. Patrick's Day Weather."

Rochester ranked just behind Buffalo at No. 17 overall. The northern city also ranked 18th in "Saint Patrick's Day Traditions" and 19th overall for "Safety and Accessibility."

Syracuse squeezed into the top 25 coming in a No. 22. 'Cuse ranked 25th in "Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations" and 133rd in "St. Patrick's Day Weather."

The best overall city for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations was Chicago with NYC coming in at 7th overall.

Binghamton failed to make the list of the top 200. Find the full list here.



Source: WalletHub

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