Thomas Rhett was quick to slap back at some Instagram users who trolled his wife Lauren's outfit at the 2019 CMT Awards, shutting them down and shaming them for their cutting remarks.

The couple took the opportunity for a fun date night without their daughters, and Rhett shared a picture of himself in a white dress shirt and a purple blazer, while Lauren opted for a pink tank top and leopard print skirt. But as CMT reports, Rhett ended up disabling the comments on his post after some Instagram users began to post negative comments about her fun outfit.

That didn't stop the trolling, though. Some users turned to leaving negative comments on People's picture of the couple, with one person commenting that she didn't have a stylist to help her out, while one user posted, "What is she wearing, is it 1980 again."

Rhett finally decided to personally reply to the mean-spirited comments about his wife, who was his high school sweetheart and often inspires his songs.

"All of you with these hateful comments should be ashamed," he wrote. "This world doesn’t need more of your negativity."

CMT adds that a number of other commenters praised the couple for their look and chided the rolls for trying to bring Lauren down for her fashion choice, pointing out that women who drag down other women make all women look bad.

Rhett also opened the 2019 CMT Awards by joining Little Big Town for a fun performance of "Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time." The song appears on his new album, Center Point Road, which he released on May 31.

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