Thomas Rhett was moved on Saturday (Oct. 6) to share a very special moment that happened at his Fort Wayne, Ind. show the night before. During his performance of the romantic crooner "Sweetheart," a hopeful suitor got down on bended knee to ask his lady to marry him, and it's all captured on video!

In the Instagram video Rhett shared, the unidentified couple are enjoying the song, when the fiance-to-be urges his girl to stand up. She looks a little confused at first, but quickly realizes what's happening and covers her face in disbelief for a moment.

While the fellow audience members in range roar in approval, he drops to his knee, and offers up a ring. It's easy to read his lips over the cheering: "Will you marry me? Yes? Yes!"

Rhett released "Sweetheart" last September with the intention of creating a romantic '50s-style love ballad. "I really wanted to write a simple love song," he told Billboard, adding that it happens to be his wife Lauren's favorite song on his album Life Changes. "A lot of times as songwriters, we try to overanalyze every lyric."

It's no wonder that couples might look up to Rhett and his music as an inspiration. The singer and his wife have known each other since they were children, and married in 2012. They share two adorable little daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James.

Rhett is enjoying a busy fall on the second leg of his Life Changes Tour 2018 alongside openers Midland and Brett Young.

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