The holidays are fast approaching, and if you're not feeling in the mood to tackle all the hustle and bustle, Cole Swindell thinks that's a perfect "Reason to Drink"—and he's got your back. Literally.

The hitmaker is offering up a new brand of peppermint moonshine this month, which will undoubtedly make all those family dinners and Christmas shopping trips to the mall go down a little easier, with a little bit of seasonal flavor.

Distributed by the Sugarlands Distilling Company, Cole Swindell’s Peppermint Moonshine is 100 proof of goodness, which, according to a press release, "meets the palate with a bright splash."

Need a bit more of a "reason to drink"? Well, this should get your mouth watering: "The crisp taste is rounded out by a hint of light cocoa and cream. The velvety balance will leave you feeling refreshed, satisfied and warm inside."

We're about ready to take it neat given that description, but for those who prefer to be a bit less basic, Swindell and Sugarlands even provide a few mouth-watering cocktail recipes, including Southern Mint Tea, Mint Chocolate Chiller, and even a cookie icing concotion (just in case you want to spice up the annual Christmas bake sale a tad). The spirit is served in a festive-looking mason jar with Swindell's portrait on the label, making it also a fun holiday gift for music fans—or anyone who appreciates a good drink.

Cole’s Peppermint Moonshine will be available on shelves of local retail locations and online at starting October 15, 2018.

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