Fireworks displays are probably one of the things that never fail to always make people smile and just enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, this year, because of the whole coronavirus pandemic, many 4th of July events that were planning to have fireworks displays are forced to cancel.

This shouldn't hold you back from enjoying a good 4th of July weekend though. shared a list of things that you can do with your family and friends during this extremely restricted 4th of July holiday weekend. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Waterpark at home - "Between sprinklers and a fun hose extension, you can create a waterpark in your own backyard." That sounds like so much fun. Take it back with a slip and slide or some good o' water balloon fights.
  • Hot dog eating contest - Some of us are too scared to enter that type of contest around strangers so why not try it at home with just family and friends.
  • Screen a movie outside - If you happen to have a projector why not make a 4th of July movie night in your back yard.
  • Host a backyard BBQ - could never go wrong with just having some people over for some drinks and some food.

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