I was reading a recent poll that listed the things that bother us the most, so I decide to put in my two cents and list some of the things that annoy me.

1. Air Travel -The biggest air travel annoyance is the misuse of overhead bins on the plane, I say there wouldn't be a problem with space if the airlines didn't unfairly hit you with a $25 to $50 baggage charge, lets face it they claimed to add the fee to compensate for the increase in fuel, but when the price of fuel dropped, they kept the fees.

Doug's two cents - Greedy companies are just looking to make an extra buck at your expense.

2. Driving - The top driver annoyance is tailgaters, I don't like being tailgated either, especially if you're driving at a fair pace with traffic. Doug's two cents - People who make me wait excessively when the light changes green and their too busy looking at their phone, talking to the other people in the car, putting on their makeup, etc.

3. Mobile Phones -The biggest phone pet peeve is when people check their phones for messages while having a conversation with you.

Doug's two cents - Yes I agree, especially when you are with someone you haven't seen in a while, and they spend much of the time talking on the phone to someone else, while you're just sitting there, extremely rude.

4. Social Media - The most irritating thing is excessively complaining and too much bragging.

Doug's two cents - People that keep sending you invites to those stupid games like Farmville, Texas Hold 'Em Poker etc. Please don't send me that crap.

5. Parents - The biggest annoyance regarding parents is allowing their children to be disruptive, in public or in your home.

Doug's two cents - I agree, kids don't have to be seen and not heard, but they need to respect boundaries and general rules of society at a reasonable age, and its up to the parents to administer the training.

6. People in General - The top peeve is rude people which almost everyone agreed were the individuals they disliked the most.

Doug's two cents - I can handle rudeness, although I don't care for it, but I care even less for people who continuously talk without giving you a chance to join the conversation, makes me want to get up and walk away, those are the type of people you end up not inviting to your next gathering.


We all have flaws in our personalities, so it would be unfair to assume everyone does these things on purpose, so the next time you're boarding an airplane, or stopped at a red light, or visiting with a friend, see if you fit any of these common annoyances and make some adjustments.

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