I wish whoever stole the mums right off my front porch had done something like this.

Understandably, nine-year-old Jaiden Newcomer of York, Pennsylvania was really bummed  when the 100- pound pumpkin he won at an Oktoberfest celebration was stolen off his family’s porch.

When word got around that somebody stole Jaiden’s pumpkin, people in the community stepped up and offered to give Jaiden replacement pumpkins, but then something pretty incredible happened.

Not only did the 100-pound pumpkin reappear on Jaiden’s front porch several days after it was stolen, but it was returned with an apology note.

The note read, "I'm really sorry about taking your pumpkin, it was wrong of me, you earned the pumpkin, I didn't think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest apologies.” Sounds a bit generic-almost like a note that a parent would make their kid write, but still- an apology is better than no apology.

Jaiden’s mom, Amy, says he was“beside himself”with excitement when the pumpkin was returned. I can just picture his adorable little self jumping up and down with excitement, can’t you?

But wait- this incredible pumpkin story gets even better. I heard from Jaiden’s mom who said that when the community heard that someone stole Jaiden’s pumpkin he received two donated pumpkins. One weighed 55 pounds and the other right around 100 pounds. Instead of being jaded by what happened, Jaiden told his parents he wanted to donate the two pumpkins donated to him to children’s shelters and he also wants to give back to his community by donating 100 pies to his local soup kitchen.

I'm glad the thief had a change of heart and returned the pumpkin, however, just because they apologized doesn’t wipe what they did clean. I hope that the person who thought stealing was a good idea has a change of heart and never does again.

To the parents of Jaiden, your boy has such an amazing heart and you should be proud because you’re doing something right.