You can avoid the interstate during your commute and ride the highway to the danger zone.

I've seen a lot of things for sale on the Hudson Valley Facebook Marketplace but this was a new one.

There's an F-15 listed for sale. Yes, you could be like Maverick.

President Joe Biden said something last week about how American citizens would need F-15's and nuclear weapons to defeat the United States Government. Someone in the Hudson Valley must have seen the speech and saw dollar signs because the next week someone listed an F-15 fighter jet for sale on their local Facebook Marketplace.

At first glance, the listing appears to be legitimate but after reading it close it becomes pretty apparent that it's a joke.

The ad lists a working McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle for sale. The ad also says that it was manufactured in 1992 and was garage kept.

It has a fuel tank that holds over 700 gallons.

The person who listed it for sale is asking for $13,000,000 OBO. You can also trade him for plywood.

He won't accept low-ball offers.

I honestly have no idea if that's a good price or not. I can't just check Kelly Blue Book for an F-15. For some reason, I don't think my Chevy Malibu will be worth enough if I trade it in. Maybe I'll start a Go Fund Me Page. Or maybe I can find a bunch of people to split it with. Would anyone like to own .002% of an F-15?

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