Director James Ponsoldt’s latest Thriller called ‘The Circle’ suggests a world that is constantly monitored through the eyes of cameras, so how far is that from reality.

Video cameras have been around for years, but the old version of the clunky box with a lens in full view for everyone to see has become almost obsolete.

Today’s videos can be concealed in almost everything from picture frames, smoke detectors, USB adapters and very small chips that can be placed anywhere.

I watch a lot of crime shows and its almost impossible not to be detected on a video while committing a crime, and it is getting harder every day as the camera’s eye is expanding.

The pluses are solving crimes and getting accurate accounts of events, but how about your privacy, do you think it should be exploded or compromised in every situation?

I have no problem with cameras on buildings, city streets or even inside buildings lobbies and heavily trafficked areas.

I would draw the line when it comes to camera’s in bathrooms and dressing room.

The movie ‘The Circle’ deals with a big company that reveals a campaign to be able to monitor the world through cameras.

I would like to think that most of us are basically honest people but should we allow cameras into every aspect of our lives, I would not like that.

The next time you’re in a big commercial building or on a city street stop and take a look around you are probably being watched.

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