The Voice Season 16 kicked off Monday (Feb. 25), featuring veteran coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson, with new coach John Legend joining the crew for the first time. Legend was very much the focus of the evening, with an opening montage spoofing a "first day at school" for him, and moving on to every single one of his fellow coaches blocking him the very first episode!

That said, one of these blocks came right off the bat from Shelton, who inexplicably felt a bit of intimidation at the very first singer's go. That vocalist was 24-year-old Gyth Rigdon, who hails from a "little, bitty, small town" in Lousiana. "Our 'Welcome' sign and our 'Come back' sign's on the same sign," he joked, adding, "I grew up with horses, cows, pigs, dogs."

Rigdon seemed to be a shoo-in for country's representative, Shelton, but he threw in a little uncertainty—enough to make Shelton feel he might need to hit the block on legend. "I grew up in the South, I am mainly country," Ridgon noted, adding, "I sing pop, rock, blues, soul music. So John Legend's being a new coach is extremely exciting."

True to his words, Rigdon chose the genre-flexible "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray, and although Shelton was able to block Legend, he still had to face Clarkson, who complimented his Janis Joplin-like whoop. Still, Shelton noted, "The way you perform is like Garth [Brooks] up there. So I would not be surprised to see you in the finale."

Sold and done. Shelton added his first singer to his season's team.

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