The Voice Season 17 continued with part four blind auditions on Tuesday (Oct. 1)—allowing returning coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson and John Legend, as well as returning alum Gwen Stefani, to take cracks at their initial team builds. Shelton and Stefani are, of course, well-known as a romantic couple, so the season was already set up as a fun game watching the two argue it out over the contestants they dually find worthy. 

Jordan Chase, a handsome teen with waist-length hair, turned out to be the catalyst to get the two battling lovers/coaches warring this evening.

"I was born in Pensacola, Fla. I was 5 when I moved to New Orleans," Chase explained in his intro segment. "Living in New Orleans was amazing. So much culture. Music was such a big influence. You'd walk down the street, and you'd always hear music.

And then the hurricane hit. It all just, like, came to a halt. We had to leave and start all over."

Chase's mom related that they watched their son withdraw as a result of the devastation he'd experienced, so they adopted a therapy dog for him and also encouraged his leanings toward music. It definitely helped:

"I was so insecure. Music helped me express myself," Chase noted. "One Christmas, I asked for a drum set. Drums led to bass, and then the music took off...I'm good now. I am ready to take on the world."

The teen made his first forays into that goal, delivering a smooth version of Drake White's "Makin' Me Look Good Again." Shelton hit his button, followed by Stefani at the last minute. Oh boy, grab the popcorn.

Shelton, chuckling at the way things shook out, noted, "Jordan, when you sing, it's incredible, because a lot of times, when somebody has that sandpaper voice, they don't have the range that you have and they don't have the accuracy. They don't have the quickness. Me fighting for you means... I'm probably gonna pay for this later. That's how much I love you."

Stefani confounded her coaching panel by earnestly noting she related to Chase...on a male level. "My favorite thing about your voice is it just sounds so honest. I can imagine being a 19-year-old boy, actually, and just wondering what it would be like," she said, causing all of her fellow coaches to raise eyebrows. "I didn't say I feel like a boy," she protested. "I just said I could imagine being one!"

Feelings aside, Chase was questioned on what kind of musical genre he's most interested in, and he noted he liked blues and soul. He also ultimately decided on Shelton as his coach, which had Shelton happy, but still musing, "I really got to figure out is why Gwen relates to being a 19-year-old boy so much."

We'll be following along each week to keep up with the Season 17 competition, so be sure to check in weekly to check the progress of your favorites on the show.

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