It’s a fact that women’s clothing and accessories can be expensive, but I am hearing that there is something called a Pink Tax that hikes up prices on items and products women need.

My wife has pointed out to me the differences in pricing between women’s and men’s clothing and how unfair it is that a piece of material that in many cases is less material than a man’s version of a shirt or a pair of jeans.

I have a son and daughters, and I have seen the difference in pricing between the genders.

I believe women are targeted because of their interests in styles and clothing, as opposed to men who could care if its low cut or high cut jeans (FYI my wife picks out a lot of my clothes)

The retailers have spoken out in defense of the ‘Pink Tax’ saying that many cases it’s the price difference is not because of the gender, but in the case of clothing, women come in many different shapes and sizes and unlike men who have much more of a standard shape the differences require more work to manufacture and even dry clean women’s clothing.

An article in the daily mail in which a spokesman for Gillette claims that razor blades are designed much different for women then they are for men and that is why women’s razor blades cost more the gender opposite version.

Perfumes are more expensive than men’s colognes, and what about mechanics and handy men who prey on females and their lack of knowledge when it comes to automobiles and construction projects.

I guess you can make an argument on all of this, I do believe women are targeted in a lot of ways in the retail world, as for the ‘Pink Tax’ it’s subjective.

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