If you made a resolution to drink less beer this year, you might want to rethink that decision.

Obviously, this doesn't mean that you should go out an guzzle beer all day, every day, but drinking a pint of beer each day isn't going to make you pack on the pounds. Actually, if you drink a pint of beer each day, it could end up lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke and also strengthen your bones. But wait, there's more. It could also help keep your hair and skin looking good.

Nutritionist Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan tells the Daily Mail, “Moderate beer consumption does not lead to weight gain or abdominal fatness and the perception that drinking beer results in a beer belly is not supported by the scientific evidence to date."

Obviously, if you drink a lot of beer, you will gain weight, it goes without saying that consuming anything in excess will make our weight jump, but more and more research is suggesting that it really is okay to drink more beer...in moderation.

Speaking of beer, we’re bringing the beer and the fun to our 5th Annual Binghamton on Tap on Saturday, February 23rd and we hope you'll join us there!

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