My friends are always asking if I’ve seen this show or that show on Netflix and my answer is always the same - that I have a kid and very little free time, so when there is any bit of downtime, we’re usually watching something my son wants to watch, like "Mr. Peabody & Sherman."

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This past weekend was nuts and by Sunday evening I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t get some alone time. I banished my husband and son to the man-cave and curled up on the couch to see what all the hype was over the show “Schitt’s Creek.”

I only intended to watch one episode. One turned into two which turned into three and the next thing I knew, I'd finished the entire first season. My friends were really is a funny show. If you’re a fan of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and are devastated that the series has come to an end, there might be a way to hold on to it longer. A whole lot longer.

Jesse Tipping owns the real-life Rosebud Motel in Orangeville, Ontario (near Toronto), and in September he told that he planned to put the motel up for sale sometime this month although that hasn't happened yet. There’s nothing wrong with the property. It's just time. As a matter of fact, Tipping said that had it not been for COVID, he would have already put it on the market but when people started to get sick, he opened the property up to a local organization to help those who were in quarantine.

According to, Tipping purchased the property in 2011 for use as a housing unit for recruits at the Athlete Institute Basketball Academy and Orangeville Prep. NBA star Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets and Kyle Alexander, a Miami Heat training camp invitee lived there for a few years. The famous motel was also used during the filming of the 2005 movie “A History of Violence” and in the Hulu original series called "11.22.63" which starred James Franco as he attempted to go back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK.

There’s still no word on exactly when the property will be put up for sale or for how much but our guess is that it will get snatched up quickly.

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