Mother's Day is Sunday and it's definitely going to be different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. One thing that Mom DOES NOT WANT is coronavirus type presents.

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Some Mothers say they wouldn't mind a pretty face mask or a big container of hand sanitizer but two-thirds don't think it's a great idea. I know what they need...Humor. Actually we all can use some laughs...alright, giggles...okay, how about a smirk?

Here's advice from mom to their famous son...before they were famous:

The first one is in honor of all the seniors that won't be able to have their graduation in the "normal" way. I feel bad that you won't get to experience it like the rest of us did.

This is what Albert Einstein's Mother said to him: Albert, it's your senior picture. Please do something with your hair. Put some gel in it or put on a hat.

Humpty Dumpty's Mother: Humpty, if I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times. Don't sit on that wall. Do you listen? Nooooo!

Paul Revere's Mother: I don't care where you think you have to go tonight. I want you home by midnight.

I'm not famous but my Mom, Donna advice gave me a lot of great advice which included: Pray, read your Bible, and trust in God. What piece of advice did I actually listen to? Don't date just one woman.

She later had to add to it and include: When I said not to date one, I didn't mean to date them all. That would be funny if it wasn't true at the time. At least, we can laugh about it now.

I hope that brought you a couple of chuckles because many of us are missing our moms in different ways. Finally, I want to point out that being a mom isn't easy. If it was then dads would do it.

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