We had a power outage the other night and it got me thinking, what would Americans do if they lost their electricity for a whole month, how would we survive?

Sunday night our area got hit with a nasty thunder and lightning storm, and several people lost power throughout the night and into the next day.

My home was one of those hit and we lost power for most of Monday.

I got thinking what of the power went out everywhere in the world, how would we handle it? And who would be most equipped to handle the situation?

Americans would freak, come on no TV, computers, Internet, lights.

Battery life would only last a few days, then generators for those who have them.

We wouldn’t get weather, and news, I’m sure the government would have some type of Emergency Broadcast System in place, but how would we hear it with no phones, we would have to find a battery powered radio.

How would we keep our food cold? We would have to cook on gas or wood stoves.

How about if we lost power in the hot summer? No Air Conditioning, No fans!

There would be no Facebook or e mail texting would be minimal with just battery power available, but no way to charge up our phones

We would have to talk to each other in person, you would probably see families, friends and co-workers teaming up to conserve o what little power we did have.

I’m just talking about one month, four weeks, roughly 30 days without electricity. How much of a panic would that cause? What about two months? Or a whole Year?

The scenario would probably make a great sci fy movie.

Hey there was actually a television series about the world losing power.

Check out Revolution below


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