I have a thing for architecture and design and have been known to stay awake way past my bedtime looking at random properties around the world, getting sucked into both their design and decor.

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I guess you could say that fascination with design and decor runs in my blood. My dad was a phenomenal artist, a draftsman at trade, and he taught me so much about architecture. And then there was the ancestor on my mom's side of the family who was a world-famous furniture designer.

Jens Risom, the son of Sven Risom, a prominent Danish architect (who mostly worked in the style of Nordic Classicism), was considered to be a design pioneer here in the United States where he introduced this country to modern Danish furniture. There is a very good chance that you or your parents grew up with a piece of furniture in your home inspired by Risom. While most likely nil, I credit whatever teeny tiny bit of trickle-down DNA I may have received from our Risom ancestors as the reason for my love of mid-century modern design.

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