Summertime is a wonderful time to travel and catch up with friends and family and to do a whole bunch of exploring. If you're planning to do any of these things, you're probably going to spend a night or two in a hotel and while I don't want to gross you out, you should probably hear this.

Our friends at Popsugar took a good, hard look at the dirtiest things that you'll find in the average hotel room. We're not talking about cheap, run-down hotel rooms. We're talking about the kind of room most of us will find ourselves staying in, and this is what they discovered.

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    Pillowcases Only Get a Brush and Fluff

    Have you ever been in such a deep sleep that you've woken up with drool running off your face and onto your pillow? Imagine sharing that drool with a stranger. The Today Show ran an undercover operation and exposed how some maids changed the bed sheets, but only gave the pillows a brush and fluff, leaving the same cases on for weeks at a time. There's a way to prevent this though and that's by doing what I do. I take all the pillowcases off the pillows and sheets off the bed and lay them on the bathroom floor next to all the towels. That way, new sheets, and pillowcases have to be put on the bed. I know, it doesn't do much to help me if a pillowcase hasn't been changed from the person who stayed in the room before me, but at least the pillowcases will be fresh for the next person.

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    The TV Remote is Often the Germiest

    I'm not generally scared of germs because they're actually good for us, however, I'm obsessive about cleaning the remote in my hotel room with a sanitizing wipe. Think about it- when was the last time that you really cleaned your remote at home? Sure, some hotel staff might clean the room remote, but others won't. And what touches a remote? You hand. And what does your hand touch? Exactly.

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    The Comforter Is Pretty Much Never Washed

    Years ago, I asked a friend who works at a hotel if it's true that hotel room comforters aren't cleaned regularly, and she told me it was true. Since then, I've never slept under a hotel room comforter. Even if I have to crank up the heat, I still only sleep with a sheet or bottom later blanket, but never the top one.  Don't believe my friend's claim? CNN backed up her up.


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    Drinking Glasses = Sharing Backwash

    This just makes gag. I don't even want to think about it because it's just so disgusting. Maybe you've heard the rumors too- that hotel staff don't always take out the glasses and mugs after you've stayed in a hotel room. Apparently, sometimes they just rinse them instead of washing them and then put them back out for the next person to use.

  • 5

    Grease Covered Telephone

    Do you have a phone at your desk? Okay, pick it up and take a look. Do you see grease around the earpiece? What about the mouthpiece? Do you see lipstick or pieces of food? Just like your office phone, sometimes hotel phones don't get cleaned like they should. The Today Show discovered that phone receivers could be up to three times dirtier than they should be. So, just like you're going to start using a sanitizing cloth on the remote, you might want to take one to the telephone.

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