When I woke up today and saw snow on my road, I instantly let out a frustrated, labored groan because I knew one thing was certain about what my day would hold -- I would have to drive work.

I mean, I have to everyday, but it's so much more frustrating when snow is added in.

The reason is because driving in the snow tends to bring out the worst in people (myself included).

There's also distinct types of driver during these events, with a distinct set of characteristics.


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    The Pickup Truck Driver

    Ah, yes. How nice it must be having a pickup truck -- being able to cut through that snow like a hot knife through butter.

    Having a truck during a snow storm is by no means a sin.

    What is however, is using that advantage to blow by everyone who is taking it easy because they don't have four-wheel drive.

    Usually I end up getting cut off by one of these drivers, since they can switch lanes or pull out on a dime. Which, seriously, in a snow storm, that's pretty dangerous.

    But something else that can be dangerous...

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    The Slowpoke

    I get wanting to take it easy when it's snowy out, but some people take it a little too far.

    This usually manifests itself when the area gets a small trace of snow on the road, nothing that poses a real travel issue.

    However, this person is at a pace that would make you think it is the blizzard of March 2017 all over again.

    You can go faster you know, just give yourself braking distance, don't accelerate around curves and you will be fine.

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    The Maverick

    This one is kind of the opposite of the Slowpoke.

    The Maverick thinks they can drive like someone who owns a pickup truck, but they are usually driving a 1994 Ford hatchback, or something else like that.

    I've seen this person on the highway during whiteout conditions, driving as if they left a ham in the oven.

    Slow down, you're making me nervous...

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    The Tailgater

    You do realize that if I stop, the snow will send you careening into my back end, right?

    You want to have that conversation with your insurance company?

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    The Cyclist

    Okay this one technically isn't a driver, but I do see them on my commute, and there is always that one person (you probably have a specific person in mind now) that will ride their bike to work no matter what.

    Foot of snow? No problem.

    Icy sidewalks? Move over, I'll be late.

    I do have to say, I admire the dedication. Keep on biking, dude.

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