I’ve been asked several times, mostly by newly pregnant ladies or those trying to get pregnant, how I knew that I was. Tacos. Tacos is how I knew that I was growing a tiny human inside my body.

It was a hot June day, I’d just finished working a 12-hour shift at a car show and not even the air conditioning turned on blast in my car was enough to fend off the overwhelming feeling of heat coming from my body. Not only that, but the hunger was insane. I’ve never been so hungry in all of my life. Ever. I swung by Taco Bell and ordered about $40 worth of tacos and then took them home where I stripped down to my underwear, cranked up the AC and sat on the floor, devouring the tacos as fast as I could.

And that’s how I knew I was pregnant. I finished the $40 or so worth of tacos I bought and still wanted more and so I went back to the drive-thru, but not before making a pit stop at the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. My insatiable taste for tacos is something that stayed with me through my entire pregnancy and I have to believe this is why my son loves them today- because they’re pretty much all I ate for nine months.

Mike Sutter is my hero. He’s about halfway through a project he calls "365 Days of Tacos." Sutter’s mission? To eat at a different taco restaurant each day for an entire year. We’re only in the early part of June, but already, Sutter has eaten about 700 tacos.

Six months ago when he started the challenge, Sutter said that he’d be limiting himself to just 365 tacos. That’s worked out well, right? Do you realize if he keeps up at this pace that Sutter will blow through over 1,400 tacos in a year? As I said before, Sutter is my hero!

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