I know that there's a growing trend of people breaking away from social media, and in a way, protesting it. It seems like this happens to pretty much everything as soon as it gets popular because the popular thing to do these days is to boycott popular things.

But, I like social media. And I like texting. I like that social media allows me to stay connected with friends and family and offers an easy way for me to share my daily life with them, and them their lives with me. I love that I although my sister and I might not have time to talk because our lives are insane, I can text 'I love you,' and those three words are enough to get her through until we have time to chat.

What I don't love about social media, email and texting is people who take things out of context or who are rude. It's really no different than rude people who don't hold doors open or wave 'thank you' when you've pulled to the side of the road to allow them to go through a narrow street first.

Just as there are life etiquette rules, there are digital etiquette rules. According to the Daily Mail, BT Mobile and Oxford University came up with a handy little modern day guide for us.

Among the 15 digital etiquette rules are things like not oversharing on Facebook (because nobody really wants to know what you ate for lunch and why), not looking through your partner's phone (relationships are about trust), and never sending a text or message when drunk or angry (self explanatory, right?).

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