What's the best beer in the world? More than 10,000 people voted online. And the ten most popular beers in the U.S. did not do very well. The only two that made the top 100 were Budweiser at 69 and Coors Light at 71.

Here are the top ten.

1. Guinness.

2. Stella Artois.

3. Chimay White, from Belgium.

4. Newcastle Brown Ale.

5. Blue Moon.

6. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

7. Heineken.

8. Hoegaarden.

9. Chimay Blue.

10. St. Bernardus Abt 12. It's a dark beer from Belgium that's 10% alcohol.

Fat Tire came in 12th, Sam Adams -15th, Corona - 19th, Pilsner Urquell - 25th, Red Stripe - 43rd, Amstel Light - 56th and Pabst Blue Ribbon - 93rd.

(Via: Ranker)

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