A new show will be debuting on 98.1 the Hawk Tuesday September 4th! Taste Of Country Nights will air weeknights 7pm to midnight. Host Jeremy Robinson promises a house party atmosphere on his new show, with people dropping by at any moment with (or without) an invite.  That means some of the biggest names in country music will be a part of the show.  This will make some interesting radio on the Hawk!

The second voice you will hear will be producer Todd Chambless.  Jeremy and Todd have been working together for nearly 15 years, including a show they did in Dallas, Texas at KSCS and the popular syndicated 'The Jeremy Show.'  Both guys are "true blue country music fans," and I'm told they will approach it that way, totally unscripted without the fluff.

If you're looking for a light-hearted, fun and energetic show, check out our new show Monday through Friday, 7pm to midnight on 98.1 the Hawk and listen live right here at 981thehawk.com too!  It promises to be the most fun you can have in 4 hours without leaving your radio!  Oh yeah, check out the Taste of Country Nights website for more fun.