Here is some good news for every New Yorker. Target is lowering the prices of over 5,000 items, which means more savings for us! Target is all about helping us save money, so they're lowering everyday prices on their most-shopped for items including food, beverages, and household items.

They aren't waiting until the summer to begin because they already started reducing prices on 1,500 items. If you're getting ready for Fourth of July, or back-to-school, you'll be happy to know that Target is reducing the prices on items needed during these times too.

Target is making it easy for us to find the reduced items with red tags in the stores, and you'll be able to find the lower prices on their website and app. This means that New Yorkers can enjoy lower prices courtesy of Target!

You'll find dozens of national brands and Target-owned brands in food and beverage, household supplies, along with health and beauty products. But wait there's more - you could save even more money if you use your Target Circle Card and Target Circle Deals.

Plus, Target has brought back its free-to-join membership program, Target Circle, which features exclusive sales throughout the year and deals to help you get extra savings or earn rewards.

So, if you're living in the Empire State, then head to your nearest Target store and start saving on the items that you shop for the most. By the way, if you're not in New York, no problem - Target has got your back no matter where you live.

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