We all love country music for different reasons - for some of us, it's the awesome parties that come with it, others it may be Luke Bryan's butt, and for the rest, it's those amazing love songs. When an artist whose love songs bring us to tears do amazing, loving things in real-life, it melts our hearts.

After learning that Eric Paslay wrote songs like, Love and Theft's "Angel Eyes," Eli Young Band's "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," and his own original, "Friday Night," it was no question whether or not Eric knows about love.

He proved that to be even more true when he told us the story of how he proposed to his now fiance, Natalie. He told Taste of Country's Sam Alex that Natalie had made a photo album for him a few years ago, filled with memories and pictures of their years together. He said, "Just cool photos from trips and bible verses and meaningful dates to us and halfway through it said, ‘To be continued …’”

And what better way to finish off a beautiful photo album than with a ring, right Eric?

He popped the question last December and continued saying, "The last picture was us in front of the Christmas tree and I kinda built up the back of the book. I got some foam and wrapped it in velvet to where she wouldn’t see that I’d built up the back of the book to make a ring holder out of it. I slid the ring into where the diamond was the star on top of the tree. So she kinda was going through, we went through the whole thing, and it took her a second to notice that there was a diamond.”
To which we can only respond with, "AWWWW!"
Good job, Eric - settin' the bar for the rest of the guys out there!