Share Your Loved One's Life Story

While not something we want to think about, each of us will face the loss of a loved one at some point. Their story deserves to be told. tell their story here -- whether they've recently passed or not.

Simply share your loved one's story and picture in an email to Think of it as an obituary-style post. We will take that submission and create a post in your loved one's memory which will live on our website forever.

A Few Notes:
- If this is a recent passing, feel free to add in funeral/memorial service information, but be aware that while we will work to get these uploaded as quickly as possible, there are no guarantees that the memorial will be up in time.
- Proofread all submissions before sending.
- By sending us a picture, you are allowing us to crop the picture as needed to fit the proper dimensions of our website.
- Somewhere in the obituary, please made sure to mention your loved one's connection to the Southern Tier (of NY/PA).
- Please include your phone number in case we need to directly reach out to you.