While counties all around it are resuming business under the “Green Phase” of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s reopening, Susquehanna County is still stuck in yellow.

PennDOT photo: Pa. Governor Tim Wolf
PennDOT photo: Pa. Governor Tim Wolf

The Wolf Administration has said Susquehanna County’s coronavirus infection, death rates and other numbers still do not meet the requirements for the loosening of the pandemic restrictions.  Susquehanna County has had 164 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 17 deaths, the majority in nursing homes.

Bradford and Wayne Counties, on either side of Susquehanna, have either been in the Green phase for weeks or are just resuming things like limited indoor service at restaurants.

Meanwhile, the counties that are in the Governor’s least restrictive of the pandemic guidelines are asking what comes next.  Restaurants, while open, are only operating at 50 % capacity and other businesses, like nail salons remain closed, the number of people who can gather in groups is limited, concerts are silenced and residents are supposed to be social distancing and wearing masks while shopping.

Some visitors to the Green counties, however, note a good number of people ignoring the directives and merchants in no hurry to enforce them.  

There has been no word from the health department or the Governor’s office what will come next for returning to normal or when the next steps will be announced.

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