You’ve watched "Survivor" faithfully since it first aired in 1997 and each year, you’ve said to yourself, “Yeah, I could totally make it all the way on that show!” Well, this is your chance to find out.

CBS affiliate WROC-TV in Rochester is holding open auditions for “Survivor” this Thursday, August 10th from 12pm-5pm. Registration begins at 11:30am, but if you’d like to help the process move along a bit faster, you’re encouraged to register online before you show up.

Auditions will be held at Auction Direct USA at 6520 State Route 96. Your audition will be taped and you’ll have one minute to convey why you think you should be selected to appear on “Survivor.”

If selected as a Survivor semi-finalists, you’ll fly to Los Angeles for a series of final interviews with the show's producers.

"Our competitors will be in excellent physical health. Building shelter and finding food will be much more taxing than a trip to your local hardware store or supermarket," the rules state. "Our competitors must be willing to commit to traveling and living in a remote location for approximately seven weeks. Contestants will be filmed up to 24 hours a day by television camera crews to be broadcast on national television. This is reality television. They will actually be living in a remote location, and they will actually be responsible for building their own shelter and finding their own food."

Before you go to the audition, be sure to register and also brush up on the eligibility requirements.

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