My husband left an incredible job and took a massive cut in pay when he moved to Binghamton to be closer to me before we got married, but he gave those things up for love, not for the dollar.

Jay has been at the same job for the last two years and is the dad to our one year old and when I asked him if he believed this, he just laughed.

Metro says that men with kids actually earn 21% more money than guys who don't have kids.

Say what?

Apparently employers (except definitely not where my husband works) are paying men extra money because fathers tend to put in longer working hours and more effort and of course, employers see fatherhood as a big sign of reliability.

So, what about- you know, working moms?

I can't speak for my friends, but I can tell you that I haven't received a raise other than what was outlined in the contract I signed before even becoming a mom. So, no additional pay for me for juggling a full time job and motherhood which I'm certain shows just as much reliability as a working father.

Metro says that employers are still paying moms less even though both moms and dads share about the same amount of responsibility when it comes raising kids.

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