President Bush said, that none of us will ever forget this day, and he was right, I was one of the people delivering the horrible news as a broadcaster that morning sixteen years ago.

I was a program director for a country station on September 11th 2001. My morning team was on a cruise in the Caribbean and I was filling in on the morning show. The first report I received was that a plane had hit the Empire State Building. but details were sketchy, so I went on the air with that story.

Just a short time later the news came out that it was a plane that hit one of the world trade center towers, so my first thought was maybe one of those small planes that carries a message banner behind them.

I remember turning the TV on in the studio and seeing one the towers on fire, I was watching and listening to the report when I saw a plane crash into the tower, at first I thought it was an instant replay, and so did the commentators as they, like millions of viewers were confused for a moment.

When we realized a second plane hit the towers we all knew it was a planned attack, now I had to go on the air and tell our listeners what was going on.

I remember it was very emotional and it got worse when reports came in that the Pentagon was hit, and another plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

What do you say to people when something this terrible is going on? I couldn’t stop thinking about my family and how they would take the news.

I called my daughter to give her the news, I said everything will be alright, told her I loved her, then went back to work.

I also remember it was difficult to play music as any remnants of normality were fading.

We eventually went to our network affiliate news station and began 2 or 3 days of all news coverage.

I will remember that morning for the remainder of my life.  The day the world stopped turning.

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