Let's talk about those stink bugs that love to invade our homes in New York. Just saying those two words makes a person's skin crawl a little.

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Stink bugs are no fun to have around but we have some easy tips to keep those smelly critters out of your house. New Yorkers can say goodbye to stink bug surprises with these simple tricks! You can thank me later

Seal It Up

Stink bugs are sneaky little creatures and they can slip through tiny cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and vents. Take a close look around your home and seal up any openings with caulk or weather stripping. Don't let those pesky stink bugs find their way in through some tiny hole.

Trim Your Bushes

You may not know this but stink bugs love to hang out in bushes and tree branches by your house. So trim back those things and you’ll reduce the number of stink bugs that could find their way into your house.

Let's Sweep Them Away

Get yourself some door sweeps and put them at the bottom of your exterior doors. Door sweeps can seal any gaps between the door and the floor and leave no space for stink bugs to crawl through.

Window Screens Are Your Friends

To keep stink bugs from buzzing in through your windows, make sure you have screens in place. Those smelly suckers love the light, so covering your windows with screens can help keep them out. You should also check for any holes or tears in your screens.

Suck Them Up

If you do find stink bugs inside your home, what do you do next? Here's my suggestion…use a vacuum cleaner! Grab your sweet sucking machine and vacuum, those bugs up, and say goodbye to the varmint and the smell.

When you're done with your destruction, empty the vacuum bag into a sealed plastic bag and get it in the trash can right away, preferably the outdoor one

Call the Pros

If you still aren't making any headway, you may have to do what I did. Give your local pest control expert. You'll be helping your hometown economy and you'll know that the job will be done right.

Go here for more ways and tips to keep those smelly pests at bay.

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