They remade Stephen King’s Horror Classic ‘It” and it’s in theaters today. Let’s talk about the King and his arsenal of horror stories.

I have always been a big fan of Stephen King Books, and in my opinion, they have always been much better than the movie versions.

This is not to say that many of the big screen versions were not good, some of the movies introduced us to very graphic characters, like the evil clown Pennywise from the latest Stephen King novel fresh out of Hollywood.

27 years ago, the TV miniseries introduced us to the Tim Curry version of Pennywise, now check out the Bill Skarsgard version of the evil clown. (see trailer below)


Here are my top five Stephen King on Screen Movies


The Shinning: Who didn’t get the crap scared out of them watching this movie complete with a demonically possessed Jack Nicholson and a pair of creeping ghost twins. The movie gets me every time I see it.


Pet Sematary: The ghost Pascow was scary enough, but add in all the dead things coming back to life and even Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) was intense.


Carrie: They really took a love story and murdered it, how about the ending I still get chills thinking about the final scene. (I won’t spoil it, if you have never seen it you should check out the original 1976)


Misery: Frightening in a different way, no demons or ghosts but Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) had her dark side which would put you on the edge of your seat. James Caan was great too.


It: The book was very intense, the TV miniseries movie featuring Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise was great right up to the last 5 minutes, then it let me down. The new movie looks good I’m hearing its not all fright but actually some humor in it too.


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