I have a question for you? Have you ever engaged someone on social media and changed their mind when it comes to a differing opinion? Anyone that knows me, probably knows my political view. Rest assured that if your opinion is different then mine, you'll change my mind about as much as I could change yours?

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So why do we waste so much time doing it? The operative word is "waste" as we waste each other's time and energy. I'm not suggesting that we start singing "Kumbaya My Lord" or anything.

When you acknowledge and respond to your critics, you give them power. Think of it this way, no one can put you down unless you allow them too. In life, as you advance you'll face opposition. Some people only feel better about themselves when they put others down.

When You're Flying With The Eagles, Don't Run With The Chickens

After all, it's easy when you don't have skin in the game so keep telling yourself that when your an eagle, don't run around with the chickens. Try to keep a level head with everything that you do.

Don't let criticism go to your heart or let praise go to your head. Keep telling yourself that when you're an eagle, you don't run around with the chickens. The external opposition will only be as LOUD as your internal insecurities allow them to be.

Remember that the greater the opposition, the greater the opportunity. Finally, remember that the LOUDEST BOO's usually come from the cheapest seats. Don't live for the applause of many because they can (and will) turn on you in a moment's notice, live for the applause of One and that will be your ultimate reward.

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