Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland, died. 1, 585 years ago, today millions will celebrate the wearing of the green with traditional food, a few prayers, and lots of booze.

These days St. Patrick's Day has very little to do with the man, and it's not just for Irish Catholics anymore. St. Patrick's Day was not the celebration it is today until the 1970's.

Why is green the official color of St Patrick's Day? Well my guess is green has a lot of connections to Ireland and spring time. It's even featured in the Irish flag! Ireland is also nicknamed the "Emerald Isle" or it could be a representation of spring. Oh, and it's the color of shamrocks. Duh!

Now why are shamrocks a symbol for St. Patrick's Day? Supposedly it was how St. Patrick explained the Holy Trinity.

Italian, French, Dutch, German, Indian, Chinese, Canadian, today we're all Irish! So enjoy your corn beef and cabbage, and wash it down with a couple of pints.

Here's a hilarious St Patrick's Day Prank



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